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Hey guys! Our new IP for our SA:MP Server is: See you online :D
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 Suggestion Format

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PostSubject: Suggestion Format   Sat Aug 17, 2013 6:46 pm

Follow the suggestion format below. It makes my work easier and improves the server.

Before you make a suggestion, search around in the pending suggestions and Denied Suggestions section to avoid suggesting something that has already been suggested!

[i]Your In-Game Name:[/i]
[i]Short description about the suggestion:[/i]
[i]Why should the suggestion be added:[/i]
[i]Is this your idea or did you see it on another server [b](no advertising!)[/b]:[/i]
[i]Extra information about the suggestion:[/i]
[i]Difficulty to code:[/i]
[i]Can you code it?:[/i]
[i](if yes) Please post your code:[/i]
Don't reply with a "+", "-", good or bad without adding any value to the suggestion. If you want to give your opinion on a suggestion provide arguments and clearly describe your opinion.
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Suggestion Format
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