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Hey guys! Our new IP for our SA:MP Server is: See you online :D
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 Admin Application Format

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PostSubject: Admin Application Format    Thu Aug 22, 2013 2:26 pm

Admin Applications format and rules.

Your admin application will only be taken into consideration when:

1. Your in-game playing time is more than 2 days (you must be a regular player).
2. Your English grammar has to be at least understandable!

Your admin application will be denied instantly when:

1. You ask anyone to view your admin application or vote on it.
2. You're banned for cheating.
3. You're English is not good and not understands!
4. You copied from someone else's admin application.

Format (MUST follow!):

[size=150](NAME)'s Admin Application[/size]:

[i]Your in-game nick:[/i]
[i]What is your age? (Provide your real age. Owners will only use this to check if your general behaviour fits your age. Owners never deny anyone by only looking at your age):[/i]
[i]Can you handle working in/as a team?[/i]
[i]Will you stay active (unactive admins will be demoted)?[/i]
[i]Where are you From (where are you living now - what country)?[/i]
[i]Have you been admin before? If yes, on what game and server(s)? (don't post IP/advertise!)[/i]
[i]How long have you played SA-MP?[/i]
[i]How long have you played on this server? [/i]
[i]Have you ever used cheats in any way?[/i]
[i]Have you ever been banned from Next Evolution Role play in the past?[/i]
[i]Why do you want to be an admin in Next Evolution Role play?[/i]

[b]************** [color=#0000FF]Answer the questions below[/color] **************[/b]

[i]*** A player is advertising (a website, another server, a product). What would you do?[/i]
[i]*** A player shouts: "ID 11 IS CHEATER. HEALTH HACK!11!". What would you do?[/i]
[i]*** A player is abusing a server bug. What would you do?[/i]
[i]*** A Player Is spamming. What would you do?[/i]
[i]*** A player is being rude against another player. What would you do?[/i]
[i]*** A player is shouting racist words at another player/admin. What would you do?[/i]
[i]*** You are being demoted for admin abuse. How would you react?[/i]
[i]*** You noticed a cheater. What would you do?[/i]
[i]*** You think you've found a cheater. How would you check it?[/i]
A Few (Important) Notes:

1. Your admin application also represents your skills in the English language and in RP. Be sure to type CORRECT English!

2. Answer these questions with FULL SENTENCES, your answer can't be for example only "/help".

3. You are NOT allowed to make ANY changes or corrections on your admin application after posting it. (Remember: admins can see if you did!)

4. You are NOT allowed to refer to any previous made accounts, if you want to make an admin apply then your CURRENT account must follow the admin apply conditions!

5. Owners have the right to deny your application without notice or further information.

6. Do not ask why your admin apply got denied (if there was no reason stated).

7. Do not vote on an admin apply (+1/-1) WITHOUT stating any reason. Make sure you write something in addition, e.g.: +1, I saw him helping other players out a lot!

8. If you make more than 1 admin apply while the other one is still pending (meaning NOT in the "Accepted Applications" or "Denied Applications" section), both applies will be denied.

If your admin application gets denied for a reason that allows you to re-apply, you can do so after 2 weeks.
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Admin Application Format
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