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 Turf Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Turf Rules and Regulations   Mon Oct 06, 2014 7:36 am

Gang Turfs Rules and Regulations.

Hiding in turf?

1) being In a while hiding or trying to keep out of sight to delay the timer and avoid death.
Punishment: Prison, Gang warn, Strike. (3+ members or R5+)

Keep it IN the turf.

2) When you are in turf you need to keep the gun fight concealed to a minor location in the turf - Do not create a war across the full turf this will not result in any punishment as we do not want to restrict RP, but if it is repeated members may get gang warned and families may get issued strikes.

Limit to how many you can own?

3) Families have no limit to how many turfs they can own.

MUST Role-play.

4) Turfs must be RP'd To a acceptable standard. This is punishable.
Punishment: Prison, Gang warn.

Vehicles in turf..

5) If you are a gang member in a active turf, then you cannot be in a vehicle this pretty much comes under exploiting If a gang member is seen to be exploiting a vehicle in a turf for a advantage then they will be dealt with accordingly. However if you are just arriving to a turf and are getting out of your vehicle or if you are Driving through it then you are fine to do so. (Screen Shots of people on vehicles are not a valid form of evidence.)
Punishment: Prison, Gang warn, Stike (Depending)

Turf are In Character.

6) Turfs are IC which means that Every gang rule and every Server offense is active at the turf locations.

Usage of interiors.

7) You may not enter Dynamic doors or houses whilst inside the turf this is punishable by a strike.
Punishment: Prison, Gang warn.

ONE turf at a time.

8 ) Your family may only capture one turf at a time. If you are caught capturing more than one you will be striked.
Punishment: Prison, Strike.

Alt tabbing while in an active war?

9) At no time during an active turf war is any gang member to Tab out of the game or pause, You could be jailed or striked, or even removed from your gang for a month.
Punishment: Prison, Gang warn, Gang temporary ban (Strike R5+)

Gang Skins.

10) Gang members MUST have a gang skin on while taking over a turf.

Punishment: Prison, Gang warn.

Roofs in turf?

11) If Gang members are using a roof while in turf it must have visible access via staircase, ect...

Punishment: Prison, Gang warn.

Factions in turf?

12) The only faction permitted in the turf during a war is the LSFMD. If any LEO faction is seen in the turf, they will be jailed until the turf is over, and can receive a warning and even a suspension from their faction.

Punishment: Prison, Warn, Suspension from faction until further noticed.
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Turf Rules and Regulations
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