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 Strike regulation and point rules

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PostSubject: Strike regulation and point rules   Mon Oct 06, 2014 7:43 am

Strike Regulations

Strike Conditions

A family can not be striked under these following circumstances:

  • The gang member that was breaking server rules was released shortly after being prisoned or his/her punishment was appealed/reversed.

  • A strike wasn't issued within a week/7 days of the evidence being posted. (Player Complaints or Gang Complaints)

A family can be striked under these following circumstances:

  • Multiple members (3 or more) Rank 1 And above break server rules that are warnable at once (Ex: Multiple gang members deathmatching a group of people)

  • Valid evidence (No more than two weeks old) is provided to the DoGM within a reasonable amount of time.

  • A gang leader R5+ breaks a server offense that would normally earn them a warning.

  • A Gang leader R5+ was (gang) banned. This would mean they getting (3) Gang warnings.

  • A Gang leader R5+ Misuses their CMDs to set inappropriate divisions or rank names.

  • A gang leader R5+ Inviting a member in a way without roleplaying at all (Mass Recruitment)

  • A gang leader R5+ Inviting a player during a gunfight of any kind

Point Rules

Point War; Out of Character
Gangs are allowed to fight without role play and return to the point immediately after they've died. You're not out of character when going back to point when coming from the hospital, or heading to point and must consider anyone attempting to interact with you in a Roleplay manner. You may not enter a point to avoid Roleplay or exploit the point by entering it become OOC. You're free to begin shooting fifteen minutes before the point is available for capture, you are PROHIBITED to begin shooting before fifteenth minute mark (:45). When the point ends, you MUST stop shooting immediately.
Punishment: Prison Sentence, Gang Warning, Strike (Depending on the situation)

Attacking People Passing By
During points, gangs are not allowed to attack civilians or Law Enforcement Agencies which are only passing by, due to the fact civilians were never meant to be involved in point wars.
Punishment: Gang Warning, Strike (3+ members and Depending on the situation)

End of Point
Once a point is over, all members must leave the point. If a member is caught staying there and attempting to roleplay or shoot another person after point they will be punished accordingly.(if a gang shoots you at the end of point and you shoot back you ARE at fault.)
Punishment: Gang Warning, Strike (Depending on the situation)

Roleplaying at Point
Attempting to roleplay or shoot another person after point has ended.
Punishment: Gang Warning, Strike (Depending on the situation)

Attending Point while having 2 Strikes
Families are NOT allowed to attend points with two strikes.
Punishment: Strike (Depending on the situation)

Attending Point while having 1 Strike
If your family has 1 strike, you are only allowed to do two points a day and a R6 has to be online in order to do them.
Punishment: Gang Warning, or Strike (Depending on the situation)

Point Alliance
An agreement in which 2 or more gangs share the same common goal.
Example: When 2 gangs allow other the other gang to capture or 2 gangs teaming on another.
Punishment: Strike (Depending on the situation)

Unaffiliated Individuals
Unaffiliated individuals (Non-Official Gang Members) are not allowed at points. If a unaffiliated individual is found to be actively participating in a point then they will be punished.
Punishment: A kick or jail.

Desync Capping
If someone is found to be capping when they are desynced, lagging, or tabbed, they will be punished( It is your responsibility to know if your lagging/desynced ) .
Punishment: Gang Warning, or Strike (Depending on the situation)

Attending Points without intent to Cap.
You cannot attend a point without an intention to cap. This includes attending a point with no rank fives available in your family.
Punishment: Gang Warning, or Strike (3 or more members.)

Only 3 Points held at one time.
One gang may only hold a maximum of THREE points on the board, meaning if any gang has three points already, they're not allowed to capture any more points unless they're defending a point they've already captured.
Punishment: Gang Strike

During point wars, gangs are required to switch to their restricted gang skins for identification purposes.
Punishment: Gang Warning

Vehicle Point Violation
Anyone's vehicle found parked anywhere inside point boundaries will receive a gang warning and his (or her) vehicle will be despawned without warning.
Punishment: Gang Warning, Vehicle Despawned or delete Strike if a rank 5 breaks the rule,

Exploiting Commands
When you already attempted to capture the point you can not /capture on it again to prevent other gangs from trying capture it.
Punishment: Prison, Gang Warning

You're not allowed to use ANY animations in point.
Punishment: Prison, Gang Warning, Strike (if used while attempting to capture)

When you attend more then one point at a time.
Punishment: Gang strike

Double capping
Going in for a cap to prevent other families from /capturing.
Punishment: Prison Gang, Warn, Gang Strike.

Gun discharge exploits.
ANY gang member is not allowed to crack shoot or quick swap.
Punishment: Prison, Gang warn, Strike.

Temp Ranks.
Gangs will not be allowed to Temp rank members to rank 5+ for POINT or TURF
Punishment: Prison, Gang warn, Strike.

General Exploiting In Point.
You cannot Exploit in a Point - Exploiting will be deemed as abuse of something to gain a advantage in the point. Including the F exploit that allows you to get up after you have died. (Car ramming etc is allowed but too much will be deemed and exploiting)
Punishment: Prison, Gang warn, Strike.

Chicken Running in point
You cannot chicken run in a Point - Chicken running will be deemed as abuse of something to gain a advantage in the point and is punishable.
Punishment: Prison, Gang warn, Strike (if a lot of members)

Joining a gunfight outside of point
You cannot join a gunfight outside of point. If someone is chasing a member of your family outside of the point you are NOT allowed to join.
Punishment: Prison, Gang warn

You can NOT get vests while capping OR sit in a car!
Punishment: Strike
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Strike regulation and point rules
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