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 Ban Appeal Format

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PostSubject: Ban Appeal Format   Mon Oct 06, 2014 10:59 am

Follow the ban appeal format below.

If you got banned from the TG-RP SA:MP server, use the following format:


[i]Your in-game nickname:[/i]
[i]Date and time when you got banned:[/i]
[i]Who banned you (Post if you know admin name.):[/i]
[i]Reason for the ban:[/i]
[i]Why should we unban you?:[/i]
[i]Extra information we need to know (optional):[/i]

Important Notes:

1.Do NOT ask for an unban in-game, it can only extend your ban, or get yourself permanently banned.

2.You can only post in a Ban Appeal topic if you are the person who made the appeal, an administrator working on the case or if you have RELEVANT and/or IMPORTANT information which could influence the case. If you do post without being one of above stated people, you will receive a warning.

3.You can only appeal your OWN ban, not your friends, brothers or anyone else's ban!

4.Do NOT contact Jake about your case if Jake is not related to your case. The admin who banned you is the admin you can talk to (inside your appeal) if you want to be unbanned. Jake is the owner here, but that does NOT mean you have to harass him with every little detail - that's why the other admins are here.

5.Sometimes, a SA:MP bug shows up that causes you to see the message "You are banned from this server", while you are not banned. So be sure to reconnect a few times!
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Ban Appeal Format
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