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 Player Complaint Format

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PostSubject: Player Complaint Format   Mon Oct 06, 2014 12:14 pm

Follow the player complaint format below. It makes it easier to punish players for their actions.


1.Name of the Cheater or Rule breaker:
2.Date and time:
3.Description of what he did:
4.Proof needed(Images or Videos ect)
5:Extra information:

A few notes:

1. You can only post in a Player Complaint topic if you are the person who made the complaint, the person complained against, an administrator working on the case or if you have RELEVANT and/or IMPORTANT information which could influence the case. If you do post without being one of above stated people, you will receive a warning.

2. Do NOT contact me about your case if I am not related to your case. Any admin who decides to work on your case (who replied to your topic) is the person you must talk to if you feel that is needed.

3. Create a topic using the format stated above and format the title of your topic like this: (player complained against) - (what he/she did). For example: Jake - Cheating.

4. Don't mention things like "Jake is a cheater BAN HIM!", it's US who decide the punishment.(If your proof is valid)

5. Provide valid evidence: screenshots and/or videos. Referring to the logs or witnesses is not considered valid proof. Logs are only applicable for chat evidence and witnesses are only applicable if they have evidence that they can provide.
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Player Complaint Format
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